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Hintel Hotel Yaoundé

Hintel Hotel ranked three stars (***) high class hotel is located:
-    In the city centre at Ngousso
-    A 100 meters from the Yaoundé general hospital
-    2 Km from the Omnisport football stadium
-    30 min from the Yaoundé congress palast
-    Only 26 Km from the Yaoundé Nsimalen international airport

Don't let other convince you. Come out of curiosity and you would surely fight to stay!!

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Yaoundé/Hintel Highlights

Wedding  xxxxx & yyyyy (Hintel)  20.10.2008
Conference xxxxxxx (Yde)                    23 - 28.11.2008
Wedding  xxxxx & yyyyy (Hintel)    30.11.2008
Sylvester party (Hintel)                           31.12.2008


Monday, 04 August 2008
Hintel S.A was  opened on the 7th of October 2006 with economical and touristic ambitions.
Touristic in order to alleviate the various challenges that tourists can encounter, this mainly as the hotel offer almost all the services generally needed by tourists. Hintel differentiate from other hotels by it size, the diversity of its rooms and the variety of services offered
The hotel art gallery gives you the opportunity to purchase various articles and souvenirs to take with you in remembrance not only of Cameroon but also of the entire African continent. It could be antiques or special articles for decoration.
Monday, 04 August 2008
We are oppened since October 7th 2006
First party at Hintel Hotel
Monday, 04 August 2008




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Airport & Stations

Yaoundé Nsimale airport 26km
Central station 6km
Road station Etoudi 4km
Road station Nvann 15km




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